Spotlight: Len and Susan Eastwood

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We were just looking for someone to stay in the house and keep it clean. What we got was a couple who are willing to go to great lengths to ensure our house is ready for us when we arrive.

Any church, in any place, is only as good the people who make up that church, and Len and Susan Eastwood are as good as they come. Not only are they devoting their lives to serving Kenya’s poor, but they have been incredible servants and encouragers during the planning and preparation of this church launch.

Len and Susan first came to Kenya in 2008. Susan felt a call to Africa since her first trip to the continent in 2006, where she spent 10 days in Sierra Leone. Len came along to Kenya in 2008 to “see what all the fuss was about,” but on that first trip, both Len and Susan knew that God was calling them to Kenya. Over the next several years, they came to Kenya several times – first on a ten day trip, then two weeks, then 3 weeks, and then for one full month.


The voice of God became louder and clearer. It was time to “sell it all” and become full time missionaries. In late 2011, Susan resigned from her employer of 20 years, and Len began to sell his business. In April 2012, the Eastwoods moved to Kenya to minister full time with an organization called Start With One (which is highlighted in our Helping the Helpers video). Len and Susan’s gifts and talents are abundant. Len is literally a jack of all trades, from agriculture and building, to theology. Susan’s call and passion is education, and the well being of children. She feels very strongly that we must care for widows and orphans.

The Eastwoods are also true servants of God and others. As the pieces began to fall into place for us to lease a great house in Nakuru, the question that kept coming up was, “What do we do during the gap?” You see, our lease begins on April 1st. We don’t arrive until late July, but finding a good house in Nakuru can be a challenge, so you have to take what you can get, when you can get it.

We had planned for, and budgeted to, lease a house several months prior to our arrival. However, once that became a reality, there were other questions to answer. How would we ensure that the house remained secure, free from squatters or vandals, and clean enough to move into when we arrive? A lot of dust (and sometimes, people) can accumulate over 4 months!

As we began to put word out to our Nakuru friends to see if there was anyone who could occupy the house over the summer, we also prayed that God would send just the right person or persons. And God came through in a big way. The Eastwoods are not only trusted friends, they are passionate helpers. Nearly every time we talk to them, their first question is, “How can we help?”

They’re helping us purchase furniture and appliances, helping us hire security, helping us install a clothes washer. They’re helping us to get a head start on our Kenyan lives! And the timing of all of this is truly God-ordained. Even as we transition into life in Nakuru, the Eastwoods are in a transitional period as well, one that found them in a good place to take on our cause.

After serving faithfully with Start With One for the past two years, the Eastwoods are preparing to launch a new ministry in Kenya. They feel called to live in community with the people of Kenya, and pray that they will be able to start a vocational training center, provide sources of employment for widows, and eventually, build a small home for widows and orphans. They are excited to see how God is working and paving the way for their ministry, and we are excited for them.

Please pray with us for Len and Susan Eastwood, and thank God for the heart he has given them to serve the people of Kenya and us!

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