OAQ #2: Who Is The Church For?

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OAQ (Occasionally Asked Questions) is a series of posts meant to answer some of the most common questions we receive when we tell people about Trinity Kenya. Though they aren’t asked frequently enough for an FAQ, we thought an OAQ might be nice.

Trinity Vineyard Church is truly for anybody. We will open our doors and welcome all comers. That said, there are certain people who will feel more comfortable in this church than others. Different church expressions are largely tied to the surrounding culture of the area, or the culture of the people within the church.

At TVC, we will embrace an international culture, with a particular emphasis (at least initially) on a church expression similar to what you would find in many protestant churches in the western world. With that said, we look forward to incorporating many cultural and denominational traditions into the life of our church.

If variety is the spice of life, then TVC should be very spicy! We hope to be home to the many internationals who have come to Nakuru from all over the world, as well as culturally displaced Kenyans who are more comfortable with a western church expression than perhaps they are in a Kenyan one.

We will be, in many ways, a church full of people who don’t feel like they fit elsewhere. And this misfit church will be a place where diversity is embraced and differentiation encouraged – a place where you can be yourself, others can be themselves, and we can grow together.