OAQ #1: Do You Have A Building?

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OAQ (Occasionally Asked Questions) is a series of posts meant to answer some of the most common questions we receive when we tell people about Trinity Kenya. Though they aren’t asked frequently enough for an FAQ, we thought an OAQ might be nice.

Many people have asked us this question, usually in an attempt to wrap their heads around what it is that we’re doing. The short answer is no, we don’t have a building. As this church is in its infancy (technically, we haven’t reach infancy yet – we’re still in the womb), there is no need for a building at this time. If we did have a building, we wouldn’t have any use for it, day in, day out. Those things will come in time, and perhaps a building will one day follow.
For now, we will work to locate and procure a suitable space for our Sunday gatherings – perhaps a hotel, school, or other public space – which we will rent only on Sundays. All other church activity will take place in homes, at local businesses, and anywhere God opens a door. Whenever we do reach a point where moving into a permanent facility is beneficial and financially feasible, we will prayerfully consider that decision. Any facility (temporary or permanent) will be evaluated for effectiveness and efficiency. It must move us forward in serving our city, not hold us back.
Many years ago, a friend and mentor described a church building as “a cardboard box to be used for God.” We will always hold loosely to a building, and choose to focus more on it’s contents – the people who come through the doors and the God- empowered transformation happening within its walls. It will be a cardboard box, not a shrine.