Caring for Twins

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When God places a hunger in people’s hearts, our job gets a lot easier! We continue to see growth in our community at Trinity Vineyard Church Nakuru, with new guests coming weekly (and returning the following week). On July 3rd, we baptized 5 people and dedicated 13 kids, bringing our total to 14 baptisms and 19 child dedications in just the last 4 months! We are also gaining favor with community leaders and influencers as we continue to invest in God’s vision for Nakuru.

Agora, our community hub and coworking space is really beginning to blossom as well. We’ve started hosting weekly ballet and karate classes, and our partners at Ujima Bakehouse are now selling Nakuru’s best sandwiches on our front porch while we work to build out the cafe space at Agora. Once fully operational, Ujima Bakehouse Cafe at Agora will be a joint venture between Ujima Foundation, Peek Vision, and Trinity Vineyard Church which provides high quality food to the community with all proceeds going back to the community through job skills training, eye care diagnosis and treatment, clean water initiatives, and other community services.

All in all, this season feels a bit like having twin newborns. It is exciting and energizing, but also draining and stressful! Please pray for us during this startup season that, above all, we will be great representatives of Jesus to our city. Pray for more people to discover our community and the love of Jesus represented here. And pray for supernatural mental and physical energy as we care for these two “babies.”

We are so thankful for our Trinity family for the support and encouragement we receive! Please reach out to us any time. We love hearing from you.

The best is yet to come!