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Lighting the Fuse

By Posted in - Updates on October 12th, 2014 0 Comments lighting-the-fuse

When I was a kid, I loved fireworks. I’m not talking about the kind that you go see at a festival, eating a hot dog and waiting for hours for the hot sun to finally …

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The Power of Why

By Posted in - Vision on September 9th, 2014 0 Comments why

It’s been said that you can’t really figure out what you need to do, until you figure out why you need to do it. This might sound backwards, but in our pursuit of God’s plans …

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By Posted in - Vision on August 24th, 2014 0 Comments 5-give-5

Have you ever had a great idea that you rolled out a little prematurely? A few days ago, I think I had a pretty good idea, and I immediately attempted to roll it out on …

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A Busy Kind of Slow

By Posted in - Updates on August 4th, 2014 0 Comments water-pitcher

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What is life like in Kenya? Well, yesterday, I filled two pitchers with water in just over an hour. Mind you, I didn’t have to walk for miles to get …

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Kind of a Big Deal

By Posted in - Updates & Vision on July 22nd, 2014 0 Comments viral

I’m no internet or social media expert. I don’t know what metrics qualify something as “going viral.” In an age where a YouTube video can get millions of hits, maybe what happened to me wasn’t …

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A Bid Farewell

By Posted in - Updates on July 22nd, 2014 2 Comments airplane

Don’t be dismayed by good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends.

Richard Bach

Saying goodbye is an odd …

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A Multi-Theological Approach

By Posted in - Vision on July 21st, 2014 2 Comments fence

Language is a funny thing. That an orderly combination of letters can elicit such strong emotions is curious. In a recent blog post, I used the term multi-theological to describe our approach to church in Nakuru. …

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Mary’s Gift

By Posted in - Updates on June 5th, 2014 2 Comments 19186513_m

It was three o’clock on a Thursday. Good things rarely happen at three o’clock on a Thursday. My phone buzzed the familiar “silent mode” buzz to alert me of a new email. I picked it …

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